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CNC Studio Life

Nidra bought one of the first CNC Studio machines. Dragan Pajic, Managing Director of Nidra, describes where and how the machine is used and his experience with the machine.


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PCB milling
Now you can make PCBs in your own lab. Quickly, accurately, and without any chemicals. 3D fabrication is also possible.
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Large machines
Flatbed table machines for machining a wide variety of materials. Available in sizes from 1 by 1 meters to 3 by 15 meters.
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Professional tools for machining metals, plastics and wood, as well as special tools for micromachining.
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ArchiRouter: Cost-effective façade panel production.

ArchiRouter is an integrated system composed of an inseparable combination of machine and software. The entire system is specifically designed for the production of façade panels. The continuous production process drastically improves cost-effectiveness. It is much less labour-intensive than the conventional process, and in addition it virtually eliminates production errors.

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PCB routing machines in maxi format

PCB routing machines are primarily used to make prototype PCBs quickly and accurately. However, there are also other user communities. For instance, these machines are often used by organisations that want to keep their designs confidential, such as intelligence services, police forces and the military. In addition to prototype PCBs, these organisations also make custom PCBs, often in small quantities.

For many years Colinbus has been making special machines for these customers, but the demand for extra large machines is now greater than ever. PCB routing machines with a working area of nearly 1 by 2 metres are a regular occurrence. They are primarily used for HF applications; the machine shown here is mainly used to make antennas.

The technical specifications are to a certain extent the same as the LaboFlex series.

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Colinbus presents the new CMR series

The fully revamped CMR series was unveiled in early September. With their new servo system and special construction, these machines are faster, more precise and more powerful than their predecessors. Thanks to feedback from our CMR users, these machines now have several features that cannot be found in standard CNC routers. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective machine, you should certainly pay a visit to the Colinbus showroom.

Now also available with multiple Z axes (see photo).

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LaboFlex Heavy Duty joins the standard line-up

It is common knowledge that the LaboFlex machines are suitable for routing high-precision printed circuit boards and 3D models in lightweight materials. A recent survey revealed that there are many users who need a machine with similar features, but suitable for machining heavier materials. In response to this, we have decided to include the LaboFlex Heavy Duty model, which previously was only made to order, in the standard Colinbus product line.

The LaboFlex Heavy Duty is equipped with a more robust drive and a more powerful high-speed spindle motor. The precision is the same as the standard LaboFlex machines, while the working speed is somewhat greater.

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PCB BOX more than just a PCB router

The PCBBOX is a compact unit that easily fits in a spare corner of a workbench or lab table, and in addition to making high precision printed circuit boards (PCBs), it is able to perform a wide variety of other tasks. Combining a low price with high application versatility, the PCBBOX is an attractive investment even for users who are not interested in making their own PCBs.

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